The Making of a Masterpiece

The Making of a Masterpiece

By Sally Tippett Rains.

The Making of a Masterpiece: The True Story of Margaret Mitchell's Classic Novel Gone With the Wind by Sally Tippett Rains is a fresh and unique look at one of the world's most famous popular books. 2009 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Atlanta movie premiere and never before or since, has a book and a movie had such world-wide appeal and staying power.

Based on years of investigation and over 70 interviews, this book uncovers and examines many of the actual people who most likely were the inspirations for Mitchell as she wrote her classic novel. From Belle Watling to Gerald O'Hara, Sally Tippett Rains unearths many of the real-life people and events that resemble episodes from the famous book.

With the aid of the sons of Marcella Rabwin (legendary GWTW producer David O. Selznick's executive assistant) and many of the living actors from the film, and with the help of collectors, historians, experts and authors, the book also reveals new information about the movie production itself.

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