North American Bear Co. - Gone With the Wind

Well fiddle dee dee! Muffy, in the leading role of SCARLETT O'BEARA, charms all of her gentlemen callers in her southern belle frock and straw picture hat. She's perfectly poised and ready for the bearbeque at Twelve Oaks.

Muffy Couture Gone With the Wind is a lavishly dressed 8-inch fully-jointed plush bear with felt pawpads in iconic filmstrip illustrated box. Recommended for children 3+ years and kid-at-heart adults.

Muffy, Gone With the Wind is a new 2010 fall release with fanfare befitting a Hollywood star in a debut performance of a timeless classic. A celebearty destined for stardom, her love of film is matched by her passion for fashion and captured for all eternity as a collectible boxed limited edition.


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