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Cold Cast Scenes, Figurines

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Name of Item Price Ea. Description
SCARLETT, MILL DRESS 33.99 Scarlett Mill Dress
SCARLETT, WHITE RUFFLED DRESS 33.99 Scarlett, White Dress
SCARLETT, RED PARTY GOWN 38.99 Scarlett, Birthday Party Gown
BELL- SCARLETT-WHITE DRESS 17.99 Scarlett,White Ruffled Dress
BELL- SCARLETT-RED/BURGUNDY DRESS 17.99 Scarlett, Red/Burgundy Dress
BELL- SCARLETT-WITNESS 17.99 Scarlett, God As My Witness
BELL- SCARLETT-BBQ 17.99 Scarlett at 12 Oaks BBQ
*Bradford Editions Scarlett Heirloom Figurines 39.99 Porcelain Sculptures, 3-dimensional
*Film Strip 1, Lights/Camera/Passions! Series 40.99 Porcelain Sculpture, 3-dimensional
*Film Strip 2, Lights/Camera/Passions! Series 40.99 Porcelain Sculpture, 3-dimensional
*Franklin Mint Miniature Eggs Market Price Six different scenes.
*Franklin Mint-The Scarlett O'Hara Sculpture Collection Market Price 15 Different Costumes.
*Franklin Mint-The Miniature Portrait Sculpture Collection Market Price 15 Different Characters.
Jim Shore Folk Art Collection.
Scarlett in BBQ Dress 64.99 Folk Art/Quilting Design
Scarlett in Red Dressing Gown 64.99 Folk Art/Quilting Design
Scarlett and Rhett on Bench 54.99 Folk Art/Quilting Design
San Francisco Music Box Co.
Scarlett & Rhett First Meet at 12 Oaks 84.99 "Why, That's Rhett Butler" Musical Piece
Scarlett & Prissy at the Top of the Stairs 84.99 "Ain't Bithin' No Babies" Vocal Piece
Scarlett & Rhett On the Road to Tara 84.99 "The Kiss" Vocal Piece
*Rhett in Tuxedo and Top Hat 44.99 Rhett looking dashing in his tuxedo.
*6-1/2 Inch Musical Scarletts 44.99 Scarlett 6 Different Dresses
Additional Misc. Figurines
*Musical Rhett in Tuxedo 84.99 Grossman.
*Rhett Carries Scarlett 89.99 Grossman.
*Large Grossman Figurines 89.99 and Up Various GWTW characters;call for availability.
*Ashley, Grossman 39.99 Ashley in uniform

* Indicates item is retired (no longer produced). Retired items are sold "As-Is." Availability may be limited. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE DO NOT HAVE THE ITEM FOR SALE. Call or email us to be sure this item is still in stock.

EXCHANGE POLICY: Exchanges are accepted within 15 days from date of purchase (provided the condition/integrity of the collectible has not been altered/damaged) for an item of comparable value, or to be applied against an item of higher value. A gift certificate may also be considered for future purchases. We do not give refunds.

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