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Posted by Faye Bell on April 04, 2011 at 16:06:20:


For some crazy reason, the Yakovetic Lithograph of Mickey Kuhn in Bonnie's playroom entitled "Young Mr. Wilkes" did not get added to our inventory as it should have been. I did want to have Mickey sign them when we visited with him in January, but here it is already April! So sorry for the omission.

As usual, the Yakovetic print is just great and very detailed. It is the same size of the other lithographs and it certainly is something different for the GWTW collector.

The lithograph, unframed, signed by both Yakovetic and Mickey, sells for $50.00, the same as all of Yakovetic's other prints. Mickey's signature will be a special gift to the GWTW collectors, as long as they last. You can click on the link below or go directly to the PRINTS/LITHOS/POSTERS category in the web site via:\

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