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Posted by Faye Bell on July 29, 2011 at 08:54:11:


The latest painting released by Yakovetic is available for purchase in more than one way. Entitled "Miss Ellen's Portieres" this is quite different from most of his other GWTW paintings. The detail in this piece is wonderful, even down to spools of thread and straight pins on the table.

A portrait of Ellen O’Hara (Barbara O’Neil) oversees her portieres, now a green velvet dress. In the background, Mammy listens as Scarlett bemoans how the war has taken a toll on her looks - something she hopes will still enable her to persuade Rhett Butler to pay the back taxes on Tara.

* Original Painting, 16” x 20” oil on wood panel, framed = $4,000
* Gicleé, 16” x 20” print on canvas, Ltd. Edition of 20 = $350 (This is a smaller edition size than his other GWTW pieces.)
* Gicleé, 12” x 15” print on archival paper, Open Edition =$50

If you are interested in adding this great piece to your collection, just send me an email ( and we'll put you on the list to be contacted as soon as they arrive here.

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