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Posted by Faye Bell on November 20, 2011 at 08:35:52:

We are coming to the time of the year when we sit around our tables passing turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, and pumpkin pies and we celebrate what we call THANKSGIVING. I wonder how many of us really know the true meaning of Thanksgiving...

Webster defines "Thanksgiving" as being the "act of giving thanks; or a public celebration of divine goodness or benevolence." To us all, Thanksgiving should be more than just a feeling, a mood, or a time of personal reflection of our family and friends. This week we should be thinking of the blessings that are ours via of the merciful hand of God. One would think that God expects us to exhibit a spirit of gratitude, but even if He didn't, wouldn't He be entitled to it? I think so.

As a group of people from various walks of life, I hope we choose to be people who know the true meaning of "Thankfulness". May our lives be moved with a spirit that reveals to those we come in contact with, that we are humbled by the wonderful nation in which we live and the blessings of God that we enjoy on a daily basis.

We know that Thanksgiving is a time for special friends and family to join together. Let us not forget those families whose tables will be partially empty because one of their loved ones is no longer with them -- for whatever reason. This will be a special Thanksgiving for Jim and I as we will be spending it with his family in Toledo. With various health problems in the past 20 years, he has only been 'home' three times; once for his sister's funeral, once for his father's funeral, and once for his mother's funeral. As we all know, none of us have the promise of tomorrow and I just didn't want him to wait any longer to spend some time with his brothers, sisters, and their families. Although he is not a big fan of flying, I know in his heart he is looking forward to Thanksgiving 2011.

During this Thanksgiving, and those that follow, may we take the time - privately and even publicly - to give to God our heartfelt thanks for our numerous blessings! May the blessings we enjoy and the gifts of life for which we are thankful be many times repeated throughout the year that is ahead for us.

Jim and I wish you a safe and blessed THANKSGIVING!

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