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Posted by Faye Bell on January 24, 2012 at 20:07:41:



This beautiful and bright lithograph entitled GONE WITH THE WIND, is Thomas Kinkade's artistic rendition of the spectacular Hollywood film. As a representation of the great romance between Rhett and Scarlett, Thom has hidden 3 of each of the following items into the image: hat shapes for Rhett and ribbon shapes for Scarlett.

Thom's favorite characters from the film have made it into the image as well; can you pick out who's who? Ashley Wilkes, Gerald O'Hara, Mammy, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, Prissy, Rhett butler, and Scarlett O'Hara.

The city of Atlanta is represented in the far left distance. Thom has included Dr. Meade's carriage, as well as soldiers and drummers from the Confederate Army in the city to tie in the film's backdrop of the Civil War. Thomas Kinkade artistically interpreted the Georgia countryside with lush green field, beautiful flowers, and of course, cotton fields.

Tara, the infamous house of the O'Hara family, is in the far right distance in the setting sun. Thomas Kinkade captures the drama and nostalgia of GONE WITH THE WIND with his Narrative Panorama style that showcases several moments of the film into one compelling scene.

Prices for the unframed paper lithographs are as follows:

An unframed limited edition and signed 12" x 18" lithograph (total number printed=195 pieces) = $175.00 Each

An unframed limited edition and signed 18" x 27" lithograph (total number printed=295 pieces) = $230.00 Each

An unframed limited edition and signed 24" x 36" lithograph (total number printed=095 pieces) = $275.00 Each

An unframed limited edition and signed 28" x 42" lithograph (total number printed=025 pieces) = $375.00 Each

This wonderful Kinkade piece can be ordered by clicking on the following link, or going to the PRINTS/LITHOS/PAINTING section of the web site:

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