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Posted by Faye Bell on February 01, 2012 at 21:01:26:



WELCOME BACK to the San Francisco Music Box Company who has now renewed their licence with Warner Bros. for Gone With the Wind items, and will be bringing four new figurines/scenes to us as shown above.

From Left to Right:

No. 1 - "THE KISS" has Rhett and Scarlett at the fence on the road to Tara, as he declares he is going to leave her and join the Confederacy. This one is entitled "The Kiss", as Rhett requests a kiss from Scarlett when he says, "Kiss me, Scarlett, I'm a soldier going off to war." It plays an original voice clip from the movie and measures 10-1/4 inches high.

No. 2 - "FRANKLY, MY DEAR" shows Rhett and Scarlett at the front door of the Butler Mansion in Atlanta as Rhett tells her, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d___." This one also plays an original clip from the movie. It measures 10-1/4 inches tall, as well.

No. 3 - "WHY THAT'S RHETT BUTLER" has Scarlett at the top of the stairs at the Twelve Oaks BBQ as she looks down at Rhett at the bottom of the stairs and asks who he is. She is then told, "Why, that's Rhett Butler". Measuring 11 inches tall, this one plays "Tara's Theme".

No. 4 - "AIN'T BIRTHIN' NO BABIES finds Scarlett and Prissy at the top of the stairs in a tizzy with Ms. Mellie ready to give birth to Ashley's son just any minute. The scene measures 8-1/4 inches tall and plays an original voice clip from the movie.

NOTE: Although these new pieces are not expected to arrive until late May/early June, we are taking advanced orders at this time. The first incoming inventory for San Francisco does not last long, and sometimes they are not able to fill all of their orders with their first shipments. Second shipments take around 6 months for them to arrive in the USA. As usual, your credit card will not be charged until the items are ready to ship to you.

All four of these new pieces sell for $84.99 each and further information on them can be found in the MUSICAL and/or FIGURINES area of the web site:

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