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Posted by Faye Bell on May 27, 2012 at 15:35:07:


Tomorrow - MEMORIAL DAY - is a special day recognized by all Americans as a day of remembrance and appreciation of the lives that have been sacrificed for the freedom we Americans enjoy every day. As with a lot of "special days" when many businesses and State/Federal offices are closed, the real meaning of "why" seems to get lost in all the planning for our "day off" with pay. The beaches, mini vacation trip, etc., seem to the most important things on our minds during this time.

I know this posting might end up being a little lengthy, but I hope you will take time to read it. Today, I am thinking about all those who put our safety and our way of life ahead of their own lives. Everyone of these who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom was some mother's son or daughter, with loved ones who miss them continually and in their hearts, they will never be forgotten. They are not only remembered two or three times a year on Memorial Day, or Veterans. Arms Forces Day, but many are thought of and missed on a daily basis. The lives of their family members have been changed forever as a result of their sacrifice made for America's freedom.

For myself, I grew up during the Vietnam War era and many of my classmates were killed during that period. Have you ever wondered just how many have made the ultimate sacrifice for yours and my freedom? You might find the following interesting:

1. During the first 100 years of America's existence as a free nation 683,000 lives were given in protecting our way of life.

2. During the next 100 years America faced the Civil War [625,000 lives lost] == World War I [116,516 lives lost] == World War II [405,399 lives lost] == the Korean War [36,516 lives lost] == the Vietnam War [58,209 lives lost] == the Gulf War == the Afghanistan War [1,893 lives lost as of 02/2012] == and the Irag War [4,484 lives lost as of 02/2012] == along with many other military encounters with various foreign countries throughout the years. With these wars 626,000 more lives were lost fighting for our freedom.

A VERY IMPORTANT fact sometimes is lost in all the pain and misery of war -- we all want to blame someone for our heartaches, but blaming the very ones who are sacrificing their lives to help us maintain the freedom we enjoy on a daily basis are not the ones who deserve our blame and frustration.

To all of those who have laid their lives on the line fighting for me/you/us -- whether it be in combat or in other positions which complete our armed forces, I send my deepest and most sincere thanks for "who you are and what you do" for me as an American. I can do so little to contribute to what they do on a daily basis, but when I see any military personnel who are close enough to me to where they can hear, I walk up to them and tell them the same thing I just said above = "THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR AMERICA." Try it some time; you'll be surprised how appreciative they are and how good it feels just to know that you've done what you could to help make their day and little more pleasant ...


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