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Posted by Faye Bell on December 15, 2012 at 14:49:54:


PHOTO No. 1 - Victoria and Albert Museum in London
PHOTO No. 2 - Scarlett's Green Drapery Dress
PHOTO No. 3 - Side View of the Green Drapery Dress
PHOTO No. 4 - Scarlett's Burgundy Gown Worn to Ashley's Party
PHOTO No. 5 - Burgundy Grown, Back View


We are so pleased to be able to get a first-hand review and comments (from GWTW fans who live in England) from their visit to view two of Scarlett's actual costumes that are on display for the public to see - which is an extremely rare pleasure.

The first picture is an external shot of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where the Hollywood Costume Exhibit showing Scarlett's green drapery dress and the burgundy gown she wore to Ashley's birthday party is currently being displayed.


As we went into the exhibition, there was a giant video screen showing clips of the movies. On each side of the screen there was a doorway. We went through the doorway on the right and just inside, the first costume was on a plinth (for we Americans, that means "base") about 8 inches high. There we had a wonderful and exciting opportunity to view the green drapery dress.

As you can see from the pictures, the room was quite dark. You could see the costumes but not in great detail and then for a few seconds, a brighter light came on briefly every so often to illuminate each costume; thus, we managed to take these sneaky pictures. To our surprise, the dresses were not in a case, nor behind glass and the green dress was about 3 feet from us.

The green dress had a small separate screen about the size of an autocue (American=TelePrompTer) displaying the words from the book that features this costume. Close to the red gown was a large TV screen showing short clips of the films featuring all the costumes on that plinth; i.e., Rhett picking out the gown from Scarlett's wardrobe and Scarlett arriving at Ashley's birthday party with Melanie coming forward to greet her.

The red dress was in the second room. The way they had it displayed was about 8 feet from the front of the plinth and in the second row of costumes. But there was enough space between the gowns on the first row to see the front of the dress reasonably clearly. Like the first room, it was half lit most of the time, with the brighter lights coming on intermittently for a few seconds at a time. You could see from the front of the plinth that the train at the back of the dress was splayed (again for us Americans, means "spread or turned out) but it was not possible to get a really close view of this. Each dress had a board explaining which movie it was in, who designed it, and the materials used to make it.

Although we had a timed entrance to the exhibit we were not rushed through and could take as long as we needed to study each gown. The costumes in the whole exhibit were arranged in 3 separate rooms and although the exit was through the gift shop, we were free to walk back to the beginning and do it all again as many times as we liked. Altogether we spent about an hour and a half studying the two costumes. There were probably about 100 or so other costumes in the exhibit - one or two others were interesting to look at for a brief time, but the rest did not interest us. We certainly enjoyed gazing lovingly at the two we were there to see.

It was amazing to see those two outfits in the same building in London - about 40 miles from our house. A once in a lifetime opportunity. We wondered if these two gowns have ever been displayed anywhere else at the same time. If you ever get the chance - you have to go see them. They are amazingly beautiful.

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