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Posted by Faye Bell on December 24, 2013 at 11:13:59:


Some times with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I wonder
what Christmas really means to many people these days. Seasonal
activities are fun but they hold meaning only if they deepen our
focus on the coming of one very special Baby - The Christ Child.
If the hustle and bustle of Christmas distracts you from the
Christ Child, maybe you need to cut down on so many things that
you are doing during the Christmas season. If traditional
activities prove to be more stressful than joyous, consider what
you can let go of to embrace the true meaning of Christmas - the
birth of Jesus, our Saviour and God's gift of love to the world.

What will your Christmas be like this year? After the gifts are
opened, the meal is eaten, and your family and friends have
returned to their homes, what will we have left? May each of us
take the time to find a place of quiet solitude; if for no other
reason but to gain a fresh perspective on the gift of all gifts
that is ours in Christ Jesus. It is easy for us to get so
enthralled by the contemporary nature of the modern Christmas
and to miss the real meaning of its origin.

During this Christmas week, may we all remember those who have
lost loved ones during this past year. This time of the year is
so hard for many families trying to deal with their loses. This
fall, within three months, we experienced the loss of four
friends at four different times. Our hearts go out to all of
those who find it so difficult to just get through a season meant
for enjoying the love and fellowship of friends and family
members who will now be missing from their Christmas tables.
May our hearts express a special prayer for the military families
whose loved ones are risking their lives so that we can enjoy our
freedom in the land of the free and the brave.

May God Bless you and yours this Christmas and may the awe and
wonder of the first Christmas be in your hearts.

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