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Posted by Faye Bell on July 08, 2016 at 10:05:35:


I have not been making frequent postings lately because the major intent of this Daily Information Board is to bring to your attention new GWTW products; unfortunately, new GWTW products have slowed down. In the past we have also let you know about special events relative to GWTW, etc. but it seems they have also slowed down. We will continue to advise you of GWTW events and products when we receive the information so we can send it on to you.

I have received some phone calls and emails lately telling me that a strange rumor has come into existence which says I have sold all of my inventory and closed my business. I have no idea why this rumor was started, or exactly who started it, but THIS RUMOR IS NOT TRUE. Since rumors seem so much more interesting if you add untrue comments, such as bankruptcy, etc. (TOTALLY NOT TRUE!), it just makes this whole rumor thing so strange to me.

I prefer not to believe that the rumors started on purpose (for who knows whatever reason). It could have been started by someone who had confused me with the GWTW web site in Florida ( that has closed her shop and was located in the county to the north of us.

Whatever, however, etc. if you have any questions now, or in the future, please feel free to call me at (813)752-7700. We certainly appreciate everyone of you have helped make our 21 years of selling GWTW a pleasure for us -- and hopefully, for you, too!

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