70th Anniversary Film Cell Montages

Movie Cell Displays

All of these film cell montages are limited to 1939 pieces. The photos shown cannot let you fully appreciate the beauty of these film cells displays. Coming in variety of several of designs, they are something that would make a wonderful addition to anyone's home or display, not to mention a super gift for the collector! They are framed beautifully in nice black matting and framing, and are priced to meet your particular budget.

FRAMED Prices:

TOP ROW, Left to Right: No. 5120 (approx. 11"x13") = $76.99

No. 5118 (approx. 11"x20") = $119.95

No. 5121 (approx. 5"x7") = $28.99

SECOND ROW: No. 5115 (approx. 18"x15") = $149.99

No. 5117 (approx. 11"x20") = $119.99

BOTTOM Right: No. 5119 (approx. 13"x11") = $69.99

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