MC Upstairs
MC #B--"I Loved You"
MC Tara
MC #F--"Tara"

Marks Collection Canvas Prints

Each image in this unique series is printed (not transferred) to fine linen canvas. They are 8"x10" canvas prints framed in a 15.5" X 14.5" (outside measurements) gold tone frame.

These canvas prints are all long retired and it would be better to CALL OR EMAIL FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY AND PRICING.

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MC Gerald O'Hara
MC #D--"What Difference"
MC Green Dress
MC #C--"Moonlight & Magnolias"
MC Rhett Butler
MC #H--"First Glance"
MC Portrait
MC #I--"Portrait"
MC Stroll
MC #E--"Good Morning"
MC Waltz
MC #G--"Confederate Waltz"
MC Bedroom
MC #A--"Your Sanctity"
MC Red Dress
MC #J--"Red Dress"
MC Rhett & Bonnie
MC #K--"Rhett and Bonnie"
MC Mammy Lacing Scarlett
MC #L--"Mammy Lacing Scarlett"
MC O'Hara's Tara
MC #M--"O'Hara's Tara"