Refrigerator Magnets

Here is a wonderful selection of color magnets for "wherever" you want to put them.

The magnets measure 2-1/2"x3-1/12" which is a little larger than what you are used to seeing in magnets.

NOTE: Although the manufacturing company has carried more GWTW magnets in the past, the following are the only ones that are now available; thus, the reason for the skipping of various numbers.

Mammy Lacing Scarlett No. 1 = Says: "You can't show your bosom before 3'clock!"

Sunset, Never Hungry No. 02 = Says, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

Scarlett-Fabulous, No. 03 = Says: "It's exhausting being Fabulous!"

Scarlett-Fiddle-Dee, No.04 = Says: "Don't you men ever think about anything important?"

The Dance, No. 5 = Says: "Miss, you are no lady .. Don't think I hold that against you."

Dresser Scene, No. 6 = Says: "You've got more charm than the law allows."

Rhett-Gambling, No. 7 = Says: "Soundrel"

Rhett-Suit, No. 8 = Says: "Selfish and Shrewd"

Kiss Me, No. 10 = Says: "You should be kissed and often."

Rhett, No. 11 = Says: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Mammy, No. 12

Scarlett-Black, No. 13 = Says: "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Mammy, No. 15

Vintage Poster, No. 17

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