Various Hallmark Ornaments
Various Hallmark GWTW Ornaments

Various Hallmark Ornaments from GWTW -- 1996 to Current Date

We usually carry GWTW Hallmark ornaments from the first 3-piece set issued in 1996 in honor of the 60th Anniversary, to current dates. Since all of these are retired and are sold very soon after we locate them, we do not have separate files for each ornament.

Just for information sake, we have listed below are the dates and descriptions of all GWTW Hallmark ornaments. Just because they are listed here does not necessarily mean we have all of them available all this time.

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL for an up-to-date list of what we have for sale as of today -- (813) 752-7700 or email

2007 = Scarlett (green drapery dress) & Rhett at door

2007 = Rhett holding Bonnie

2006 = Rhett on his knees proposing to Scarlett

2005 = Rhett and Scarlett at the Ashley's birthday party

2005 = Scarlett in black and white honeymoon shopping spree dress

2004 = Rhett and Scarlett sitting on bench (green dressing gown)

2004 = Scarlett in bridal gown

2003 = Scarlett in blue and white mill dress

2002 = Scarlett in white ruffled dress

2001 = Lighted scene of Scarlett & Rhett at the bridge

2001 = Scarlett in blue portrait dress

2000 = Rhett with outstretched hand

2000 = Scarlett with outstretched hand, green drapery dress

1999 = Rhett with walking cane

1999 = Scarlett in 'back to Tara' green and white dress

1998 = Scarlett in BBQ dress

1997 = Scarlett in Ashley's birthday party gown

1996 = 3-piece set, Rhett, Scarlett, and Tara

AFTER CHECKING WITH US via email or telephone for availablity of the ornaments, you can fill out the two blanks below to order your ornament(s). PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE WORD "ORNAMENT" after your description; i.e. "Scarlett 2000 Ornament" or "Scarlett & Rhett 2004 Ornament".

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